Why Browsers Need To Be a Strategic Application

Island’s Chief Strategy Officer Brian Kenyon and their guest Joseph Blankenship of Forrester Examine the Enterprise Browser

The critical point where employees, enterprise applications and the underlying data meet is the browser. It’s the world’s most widely used application but enterprises have been ignored in the design and construction of the modern browser. Join this informative and interactive webinar as we hear from the creators of the world’s first enterprise browser.

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1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll learn:

  • Why consumer browsers miss the mark and what browser capabilities are needed to protect the organization’s most critical resources.
  • How Fortune 500 companies are implementing enterprise browsers to solve specific use cases like critical SaaS protection, contractor access and hybrid-worker protection.
  • What new innovations in browser technology like Browser-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can do to expand the role of the browser across broader IT needs

Featured Speakers

  • Brian Kenyon
    Brian Kenyon
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Island Technology

    Brian Kenyon drives corporate strategy at Island as its Chief Strategy Officer and one of the company’s founding members. Brian has also held the role of CSO at Symantec and Blue Coat Systems. He built his early career in technical roles for more than a decade at McAfee where he was Chief Technical Strategist, as well as CTO, and served as chief architect at start-up Foundstone. Brian is the author of Security Battleground: An Executive Field Manual; Security Sage: Guide to Hardening the Network Infrastructure; and Special Ops: Host and Network Security. He holds a B.A. degree in Finance from Loyola Marymount University.

  • Joseph Blankenship
    Joseph Blankenship
    VP & Research Director

    Joseph supports security and risk professionals, helping clients develop security strategies and make informed decisions to protect against risk. He covers security infrastructure and operations, including tools for the security operations center (SOC) such as security information and event management (SIEM), security analytics, and security automation and orchestration (SAO). He also covers security topics like artificial intelligence (AI) for cybersecurity, email security, distributed denial of service (DDoS), and network security. His research focuses on security monitoring, threat detection, insider threat, phishing prevention, operations, and management. Joseph has presented at industry events, been quoted in the media, and written on a variety of security topics.

  • Michael Krieger
    Michael Krieger

    Michael has been involved in various disciplines in the information technology field for more than 25 years. His background and experience in product development, marketing and sales give him a unique perspective on how and why companies succeed in the technology marketplace. He has served as a senior VP for marketing at FutureLink, a large ASP based in Southern California. Before that he was VP of marketing for Hitachi Data Systems’ server product line, and also was a senior product manager for AST Research's server and data communications product lines. His entrepreneurial experience includes founding Solution Business Systems, a developer of manufacturing software for IBM midrange systems. He was also VP of product development at Techland Systems, one of the industry's first creators of micro-to-mainframe emulators.

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