Elevating App Visibility to Prevent Future Headaches

Increasingly complex applications tend to create blind spots that cause pain for IT teams when they least expect it. If attackers exploit a critical flaw in an application that you didn’t even know that your organization was using, it might be a very bad day for you. If your network traffic is clogged up because of a bottleneck you can’t locate, that’s a frustrating problem to solve. However, with the right processes and tools in place, IT teams can get a clearer picture of their applications, and better identify problems before they happen. Register for this newly launched webinar to learn from the experts how to elevate app visibility to prevent future headaches.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Understand how complexity increases cyber risk.
  • Get examples of what to look for in your monitoring and telemetry to find early warning signs of a bigger problem.
  • Learn about the enterprise-scale tools that can vastly improve visibility and observability.

Featured Speakers

  • Darrius Robinson
    Darrius Robinson
    Web App Penetration Tester

    Darrius Robinson, CISSP is currently a Web App Penetration Tester for SecurIT360 and has 7 years of Information Security & Information Technology experience. He fell in love with Web App Pentesting after he used Burpsuite to inventory the Tesla API and created a web app that allows others to control his car. He has a passion for developing both web apps and people. Outside of pentesting he serves as the Red Team Program Director for the nonprofit Black In Cyber Security(B.I.C) where he has curated a Red Team Training Program to assist others with getting certified and matching them with employers.

  • Adam Fisher
    Adam Fisher
    Principal Security Engineer
    SALT Security

    Adam Fisher is an Enterprise Security Expert whose qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Master of Business in Information Technology Management, and maintains a number of certifications, CISSP, CCSP, AWS Security Associate, Azure MCP. Adam has a detailed knowledge of Enterprise Security best practices and technologies and has been focused on the creation and deployment of solutions protecting networks, systems, and information assets for Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies. Adam has worked on Secret level clearance projects for the United States Government and the United Kingdom. In addition, Adam is a respected blogger and thought leader on Enterprise Security.

  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters

    Sara Peters is the Editor-in-Chief at InformationWeek and formally a Senior Editor at Dark Reading and editor-in-chief of Enterprise Efficiency. Prior that she was senior editor for the Computer Security Institute, writing and speaking about virtualization, identity management, cybersecurity law, and a myriad of other topics. She authored the 2009 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey and founded the CSI Working Group on Web Security Research Law -- a collaborative project that investigated the dichotomy between laws regulating software vulnerability disclosure and those regulating Web vulnerability disclosure.

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