To Pay or Not to Pay? Solving for the Ransomware Risk Equation

You don’t want to pay a ransomware attacker. You can’t afford to pay a ransom, but can you afford NOT to pay it? CIOs ask themselves this question every day, and they rarely know the answer. Precious time is wasted while they try to determine the extent of the damage, the value of the data/assets impacted, the quality of backup systems, the opportunity costs of downtime, and more. In this webinar, you'll learn what topics  IT executives need to study up on now, so they’re ready to tackle the big “to pay or not to pay” question later.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar, and you'll:

  • Dissect the experiences of other organizations victimized by ransomware to see how paying ransoms did or did not help.
  • Gain knowledge of new, sinister ransom requests, which ask for assets far more valuable than money.
  • Learn how to better assess all of these risks to protect your business from the impacts of this ransomware attack (and the next).

Featured Speakers

  • John Pironti
    John Pironti
    IP Architects

    John P. Pironti is the President of IP Architects, LLC. He has designed and implemented enterprise wide electronic business solutions, information security and risk management strategy and programs, enterprise resiliency capabilities, and threat and vulnerability management solutions for key customers in a range of industries, including financial services, insurance, energy, government, hospitality, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment, and information technology on a global scale for over 25 years.

  • Vir Choksi
    Vir Choksi
    Senior Product Marketing Manager - Data Security

    Vir Choksi is Senior Product Marketing Manager - Data Security at Rubrik with a background in SaaS, networking, and healthcare. He enjoys history, reading, and hiking.

  • Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis
    Senior Editor

    Jessica Davis is a Senior Editor at InformationWeek. She covers enterprise IT leadership, careers, artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and enterprise software. She has spent a career covering the intersection of business and technology. Follow her on Twitter: @jessicadavis

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