How to Really Put Big Data to Work

How to Really Put Big Data to Work


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Duration 60min
Srividya Sridharan
Senior Analyst
Forrester Research Inc.
Srividya Sridharan
Srividya (Sri) serves Customer Insights Professionals, focusing on customer analytics. Her research agenda focuses on customer analytics best practices and technologies, services, and analytical applications that convert customer data into meaningful insights such as customer segmentation, customer value management, and customer life-cycle applications of analytics. Sri helps marketing clients address their customer analytics needs, map out customer intelligence requirements and strategies, and navigate the analytics technology and services landscape.
Boaz Ronkin
Senior Director of Product
Boaz Ronkin
Boaz is heading the product management and product marketing teams at Ensighten, the leader in Enterprise Data and Tag Management. Prior to Ensighten, Boaz drove product marketing at MyBuys, Baynote and Coremetrics. Boaz spent the last six years in web analytics, marketing optimization and personalization for both B2B and B2C companies.

It’s hard to escape the hype around “Big Data” and the big promise that all that data can generate powerful and profitable intelligence. But marketers struggle with the complexities of centralizing data in order to understand customers and execute compelling campaigns.

Attend to learn how to:

  • Impact the customer experience at the point of interaction
  • Get more from analytics investments with complete insight across channels
  • Understand customers and execute compelling personalized campaigns

Register for this webinar to learn how to put data to work. Find out why the big buzz around big data is justified as Best-in-Class companies enjoy the benefits of behavior-based segmentation and targeting along with real-time offer management.

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