An Innovative Foundation for Modern IT

An Innovative Foundation for Modern IT


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Duration 60min
Charles King
Principal Analyst
Charles King
Charles King is one of the most frequently quoted IT industry analysts in the business, whose comments and insights are regularly featured in national media outlets (Wall Street Journal, CIO Journal, USA Today, Reuters, Business Week, San Jose Mercury News and Silicon Valley Business Times) and on IT industry-centric news sites (eWeek, Computerworld, ECT News, IDG and TechTarget).

Since founding Pund-IT™ in December 2004, Charles has published regular commentaries in his analyst newsletter, Pund-IT™ Weekly Review. Along with his own work, the Weekly Review features reports by guest independent industry analysts covering everything from emerging mobile consumer devices to enterprise data center technologies. The Weekly Review enjoys a strong following among IT executive leaders marketing and communications professionals and technology journalists.

As a business computing industry generalist, Charles believes firmly in the power of traditional and emerging information channels to deliver key messages and insights. For over two decades, he has focused on business technology evolution and interpreting the effects these changes will have on vendors, their customers and partners, and the greater IT marketplace.
Steve Fry
Software Product Manager, System x North America
Steve Fry
Steve has 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the IT industry. With a wide range of product and management responsibilities that include storage, Unix platforms thru x86 server technologies. Currently current he has responsibility for the solutions portfolio for the IBM System x brand in NA. This solutions portfolio includes virtualization and Desktop and Application virtualization solutions.
Tracy Waller
Director of Partner Sales
Tracy Waller
Tracy brings 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry to VMware with broad experience in the areas of cloud computing, virtualization, systems management, mobile computing and IT infrastructure. As Director of Partner Sales, he is responsible for leading the efforts of a dynamic sales team, driving new solutions and sales campaigns with IBM in the Americas. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science as well as a Master of Business Administration.

Most enterprise IT environments are highly fragmented, containing a hodgepodge of hardware and software technologies, including proprietary systems and appliances causing an inefficient data center and lag time responding to requests.

New innovations in cloud technologies are gradually coalescing into broader features, capabilities, solutions and services that address data center issues.  Whether you need to deploy an integrated “quick start” solution, or do your own integration, IBM x86 cloud solutions can help transform your data center into a reliable, easy-to-manage, highly responsive IT environment.

Join us for “An Innovative Foundation for Modern IT” our experts will:

  • Examine how commercial cloud trends address data center challenges
  • Address the needs of customers who wish to take advantage of the promises of cloud computing.
  • Discuss real-world examples of how IBM and VMware provide visibility into pending hardware failure and resource bottlenecks

With VMware and IBM’s long term partnership and integration, the two companies’ joint solutions are an excellent fit for the needs of today’s commercial cloud.

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