Top Business Continuity And Resiliency Learnings

Top Business Continuity And Resiliency Learnings


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Paige Poore
Director of Business Continuity
IBM Global Technology Services
Paige Poore
Paige Poore is Director of IBM Business continuity with responsibility for guidance and governance across the corporation to reduce business continuity risk. Current focus is on enhancing BCM to incorporate risk management and a more business centric approach, as well as selective differentiation to challenge existing IT assumptions and prioritize strategic change initiatives.

Ms. Poore has 20+ years of industry experience in technology and innovation and held world-wide management and technical roles in IBM’s CHQ and CIO organizations as well as IBM’s Services, Sales, Networking and Research divisions. She specializes in Business Continuity, Process Transformation, Risk Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Strategy and Technology.

After joining the IBM research division, to design innovative semiconductor technology, Ms. Poore worked in manufacturing engineering, network and hardware design, EDI and B2B implementation. Ms. Poore has owned responsibility for design and rollout of global IT initiatives, and managed architecture, data, analytics, test and build teams for WW deployments.

Her thought leadership in the field of technology and innovation has been shared in industry publications, panel discussions, consulting engagements and featured in industry conferences. She holds 4 patents, 2 invention disclosures and is an author of a number of industry publications including an IBM White Paper.

Paige holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, and a MBA from Duke University.

A strong resiliency program requires constant evolution to keep up with a changing risk landscape.

Building such a program requires resiliency for everything from disruptions caused by natural events to risks resulting from strategic growth initiatives.

Register for this interactive discussion to discover how you can:

  • Expand resiliency planning beyond disruption mitigation
  • Realize real benefits from good planning and execution of resiliency strategy
  • Obtain techniques for how you can implement a more business-centric approach to business continuity management and help reduce risk
  • Engage your C-suite executive in your business continuity budgeting & planning efforts

Interact with Paige Poore, Director of Business Continuity for IBM Global Technology Services, as she discusses key considerations for resiliency planning that you may overlook - and how you can build C-suite buy-in for improvements to your resiliency roadmap.

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