Improve the Economics of IT: Best Practices Revealed

Improve the Economics of IT: Best Practices Revealed


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Duration 60min
Chris Saul
Product Manager
IBM Storwize Family
Chris Saul
Chris Saul is the Product Manager for the IBM Storwize family. Chris leads the team responsible for all aspects of marketing the IBM Storwize family. Previously, Chris was Marketing Manager for IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC), the industry's leading network-based storage virtualization system. Chris was involved with the launch of SVC in 2003 and has held several technical and marketing positions associated with IBM storage software and disk systems.

Earlier, Chris worked in IBM's International Technical Support Organization, providing more technical guidance to IBMers and customers. Before 1991, Chris worked for IBM UK in a variety of positions supporting storage products. Chris has worked for IBM since 1981 and holds an MA in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.
Jon Toigo
CEO and Managing Principal
Toigo Partners International LLC
Jon Toigo

In today’s environment, you need to keep IT costs under control while still supporting a more robust, flexible infrastructure to extract more value and insights from data. Integrating, automating, and simplifying your IT infrastructure can result in breakthrough economics.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Hear how to optimize your workloads to better manage, retrieve, and analyze your data for better business insights
  • Learn about the importance of integrated systems and how it can improve your IT efficiency
  • Reduce the cost of delivering workloads that run your business

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