Sculpting Reality with Precision: Tech Secrets to Linkin Park’s Hit New Music Video Revealed

Sculpting Reality with Precision: Tech Secrets to Linkin Park’s Hit New Music Video Revealed


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Duration 60min
Scott Hamilton
Media & Entertainment Marketing Strategist
Dell Precision Workstations
Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton is the vertical market strategist for Dell Precision workstations. He has extensive experience in the computer graphics and software industry including Media & Entertainment, Internet, and CAD/CAE areas. At Dell, he works with some of our most strategic software application partners such as Autodesk, SolidWorks, Adobe, and many others to develop programs and solutions for customers that demand the highest level of compute performance. Prior to working at Dell, Scot held various management and technical roles which helps him understand the unique needs of both businesses and end users.
Brandon Parvini
Founder and Lead Visual Effects Designer
Ghost Town Media
Brandon Parvini
Brandon Parvini is the founder and lead visual effects designer of Ghost Town Media. Created in 2006, GTM has produced award-winning work that spans multiple mediums including narrative film, international branding, broadcast commercial, and live visuals for some of the world's top performers. Brandon was trained in fine art at the University of Southern California with experience in painting, sculpture, and graphic design, all of which are elements that continue to influence his aesthetic. His current work explores the intersection of physical interaction and immersive graphic environments.
Wil Braithwaite
Senior Applied Engineer
Wil Braithwaite
Wil Braithwaite has worked for over 15 years in visual-effects at studios in London and Los Angeles. Positions ranged from research, technical direction, compositing, CG supervision, and MOCAP supervision. He has pioneered the use of graphics hardware in the VFX workflow, which led to his role at NVIDIA as a Senior Applied-Engineer, where he specializes in consulting, training and assisting development for VFX studio projects utilizing NVIDIA technologies.

Deciding to make a switch to the PC is only the first step in the journey.

Learn how Ghost Town Media made a decision that some may consider brave, and others a little crazy. They switched operating systems, scrapping their Apple desktops for Precision workstations right before the start of video production for “A Light That Never Comes,” Linkin Park’s collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki, and produced a musical masterpiece that has over 2 million views on YouTube.

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Brandon Parvini, Creative Director at Ghost Town Media and Wil Braithwaite, Senior Applied Engineer at NVIDIA, will cover the following topics:

  •  Discussion of Ghost Town’s decision to move to a GPU rendering (Cinema4D with GPU-accelerated Element 3D plugin). 
  •  Leveraging the clear benefits of using the most powerful GPUs with the largest memory sizes.
  •  New technologies out now or on the horizon that Ghost Town is interested in experimenting with.

Realize how technology can produce a great musical masterpiece and gain ideas and specifics on how you can apply this out of the box knowledge to your projects.

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