Developing a User-Centric Secure Mobile Strategy: It's in Reach

Developing a User-Centric Secure Mobile Strategy: It's in Reach


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Duration 45min
Cengiz Satir
Program Director, Enterprise Content Management
Cengiz Satir
Cengiz Satir is a program director in IBM Enterprise Content Management and is responsible for IBM's social content management products and strategy. He holds an MBA degree in emerging technologies and is a 20-year veteran of the software industry.
Ian Story
Senior Product Manager
Ian Story
Ian Story is a Senior Product Manager for Enterprise Content Management at IBM. He has responsibility for ECM mobile apps and strategy, the new IBM ECM user interface – IBM Content Navigator, social content management responsibilities corresponding to Quickr, Connections, and SharePoint Web Parts, and also emerging technologies related to ECM and the cloud. Prior to joining IBM in 2010, Ian was an ECM client in large Fortune 500 organizations including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Washington Mutual Bank, and Weyerhaeuser, with industry expertise dating back to 1998. Also previous to IBM, Ian was involved in the venture capital community and co-founded a privately held software research and development firm based in Seattle, specializing in mobile technology and application development. Ian holds bachelors degrees in both computer science and business from Pacific Lutheran University, and resides in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Only a few years ago mobile strategies were rudimentary at best. However, as Bring Your Own Device became more commonplace, companies are having to play catch-up, balancing the need to give users the mobile experience that they are asking for while still maintaining some semblance of security. This is key since, when IT can’t keep up, end users simply go rogue, accessing company data with their own devices. This leads to security issues across the board – on the device, in the datacenter, and on the desktop as well.

Join mobile and social content management experts Cengiz Satir and Ian Story from IBM in a roundtable discussion with Karen Bannan, Contributing Editor from InformationWeek to answer YOUR questions. Questions submitted in advance are also welcome. Send them to Mia Winn to be sure that they are answered during our live event.

During this discussion, we will touch on:

  • How to assess and manage risk in the BYOD world
  • Why it's crucial to view your mobile strategy as part of a larger enterprise content management strategy
  • How user experience drives compliance with corporate policies and procedures
  • How to translate security concerns into business-centric discussions
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