8 Ways Enterprises Screw Up Cloud Deployments (or Architectures)

8 Ways Enterprises Screw Up Cloud Deployments (or Architectures)


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Duration 60min
Wendy Schuchart
Wendy Schuchart
Joe Masters Emison
Chief Technology Officer
Joe Masters Emison
Joe began his career by winning the 1996 Weird Software Contest with the Mutant Chicken Races and creating the first Windows-based iPod application. Over the past ten years, Joe transitioned from development to systems design and data analysis, creating the first BuildFax engines in 2003, the original architecture in 2007, and designing the Pragmatic Extract-Transform-and-Load (PETL) architecture that has made the current national footprint possible. In addition to running technology and product at BuildFax, Joe also regularly contributes articles to InformationWeek on the cloud and startups. Joe graduated with degrees in English and Mathematics from Williams College and has a law degree from Yale Law School.

Most companies cite business agility as the most important reason for moving to the cloud. But as companies migrate more and more services to the cloud (public, private, hybrid), they are failing to realize the enormous benefits of the cloud because they’re just forklifting existing applications from on-premises servers to “the cloud”. It’s like running a mainframe terminal session on an iPad – you’re missing out on key benefits of the iPad. In this webcast, we’ll talk about the 8 most common ways that Enterprises fail to realize the benefits of a cloud deployment, and explain how you can avoid them.

You will learn:

  • How hardware and software failure can be your friend
  • Why you should never again pay a sysadmin to “stand up a server”
  • The new paradigm: Servers are software

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