The Epidemic of Healthcare Analytics: How IT Can Cure

The Epidemic of Healthcare Analytics: How IT Can Cure


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Duration 60min
Wendy Schuchart
Editor and Moderator
InformationWeek Healthcare
Wendy Schuchart
Wendy Schuchart is a technology journalist with more than a decade of experience in enterprise IT. Most recently, Schuchart was the senior site editor of TechTarget's CIO Media Group. She has also served as section editor for UBM's Network Computing and Secure Enterprise. Connect with her on Twitter @wendyschuchart.
Richard Hoffman
Geomancy Consulting
Richard Hoffman
Richard Hoffman is owner of Geomancy Consulting and an IT industry veteran. Most recently he directed Internet strategy and Web operations for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Considering the ever-increasing amounts of raw data and a growing array of tools to process and analyze that data, healthcare program improvements seem like a given -- whether measured in terms of specific outcomes or broader measures such as population health. Yet actual quantifiable results more often remain the exception rather than the norm in the world of healthcare. 

Over a decade ago, W. R. Cozens, former director of a residential treatment facility in Honolulu, Hawaii, said it best -- "Data, data, everywhere, and not a program improvement in sight." Along with the rise in big data and the high-capacity repositories and data analysis tools to handle it, basic principles of data-driven design still apply -- sometimes you have to look to the past to move forward.

In this webinar we will identify some of the key principles, concepts and barriers to successful data collection, analysis and program improvement, including how to:  

  • Set core strategic objectives and establish control over your data;
  • Identify key metrics, and lay the groundwork for collection of usable, useful and actionable data; and
  • Anticipate trends in data collection and analysis, particularly always-on patient-facing mobile data collection.

It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it – and making sure that what you do have is what you actually need. As the flood of data rises higher, we’ll help make sure it lifts your boat instead of swamping it.

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