Fax in the Cloud: Join The Webinar

Fax in the Cloud: Join The Webinar


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Scott Mitchell
Product Marketing Manager
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell is a Product Marketing Manager for OpenText Information Exchange. He specializes in outsourced enterprise cloud fax and how the service helps optimize process and cost efficiencies across the enterprise.

Fax is something most enterprises cannot do without, but it is very costly in terms of time spent waiting at traditional fax machines and maintaining necessary infrastructure.

Cloud fax services help – freeing both fax users and IT personnel to focus on more strategic enterprise tasks.

Register for “Too Many Fax Machines, Not Enough Time,” a webinar that will show how the cloud can optimize fax operations including:

  • Streamlining and centralizing enterprise fax assets
  • Reducing expenditure in fax hardware such as machines and expensive on-premises solutions
  • Freeing IT from unnecessary troubleshooting, giving them time to drive more value added projects
  • Improving productivity by allowing users to fax directly from the applications they use the most

Fax is ubiquitous and will remain a critical enterprise function, but if not optimized it can hamper worker productivity and ROI.

A cloud fax solution is ideal for creating efficiencies that offset the process and cost bottlenecks that enterprise faxing can bring.

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