How To Deliver Business Critical Apps to Employees Everywhere

How To Deliver Business Critical Apps to Employees Everywhere


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Duration 60min
Richard Villars
VP Datacenter & Cloud
Richard Villars
As Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud, Richard Villars is a senior member of IDC's IT Infrastructure research team, which assesses the development and adoption of solutions for datacenter transformation and exploitation of rapidly evolving technologies in the areas of Big Data and Cloud. He develops IDC's viewpoints on the evolution of converged IT infrastructure as well as the adoption of public and private cloud solutions. He advises clients on the impact of open systems, software and network efforts on organizations' infrastructure, deployment, procurement, and management practices.

Mr. Villars is a frequent speaker at industry and Wall Street conferences. Most recently, he spoke to IT managers in the US, South American, and Asia on compute and storage solutions for the "cloud," managing storage capacity growth associated with Big Data analytics, and the impact of converged IT solutions on datacenters and IT staffs.

Mr. Villars has spent over 25 years at IDC assessing the emergence of network, storage, and server solutions as well as advising companies on the impact of the Internet and information growth on existing IT and general business practices. He has a bachelor of science in Foreign Service (B.S.F.S.) from Georgetown University with a concentration in science, technology, and international affairs.
Keith Stewart
Sr. Director of Product Management
Riverbed Technology
Keith Stewart
Keith Stewart is responsible for Product Management of Riverbed’s Steelhead appliance family. An expert in WAN Optimization and networking, Mr. Stewart drives the vision and strategy for the Steelhead family. As organizations transition to hybrid cloud architectures, Riverbed’s Steelhead family of WAN Optimization controllers enable cloud application delivery with the performance and control that organizations demand.

Prior to joining Riverbed, Mr. Stewart had senior product management roles at Cisco and Brocade. Mr. Stewart was responsible for Cisco’s flagship security platform, the ASA 5500. At Brocade, Mr. Stewart was responsible for Brocade’s Software-Defined Networking strategy, as well as the ADX series of Application Delivery Controllers.

Organizations are expected to provide the best possible experience to end-users regardless of their location, yet they must also manage their IT infrastructure efficiently and securely.

Achieving both of these goals has become even more challenging in the face of the rapid adoption of business critical cloud applications, rich media and distributed applications, further complicating network traffic delivery.

So how can you save time and money while improving the end-user experience in a hybrid infrastructure environment?

Join us for this webinar where we reveal ways you can:

  • Speed applications up to 100 times while reducing bandwidth consumption by 65-95%
  • Scale to serve twice as many users with half the number of web servers
  • Accelerate and prioritize mission-critical SaaS and cloud-based applications
  • Monitor applications with end-to-end network and application visibility

You'll also learn how organizations like yours are controlling and lowering operational costs.

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