Mobile Matters: How Financial and Insurance Firms Can Optimize Mobile Experiences

Mobile Matters: How Financial and Insurance Firms Can Optimize Mobile Experiences


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Lorenz Jakober
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Akamai Technologies
Lorenz Jakober
Lorenz has a wealth of experience in Web and mobile application design, performance optimization, usability, and delivery. Prior to joining Akamai Technologies, he drove mobile product marketing strategy for Compuware Gomez. In past positions, he focused on customer acquisition, retention, and market research at mobile application delivery platform and media companies. He is an avid spokesperson and blogger on the topic of mobile and web performance and has recently been featured in industry publications including Mobile Commerce Daily, VentureBeat, InformationWeek, PC World, Digiday and MediaPost.

Financial services companies are struggling to meet rapidly growing customer expectations for high performing mobile experiences. This can result in negative brand image, reduced loyalty, and slower revenue growth. High quality mobile and web experiences are equally important for customers, agents, partners, and employees.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How leading firms are overcoming obstacles to deliver fast, scalable, quality web experiences
  • How new technologies optimize performance for each user’s situation: device, location, and network quality
  • Benefits from accelerating static and dynamic information, images, and video
  • How to improve security without sacrificing Web performance

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