Mobile App Development: Respond Quickly And Deliver What Matters

Mobile App Development: Respond Quickly And Deliver What Matters


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Duration 60min
Karl Bishop
Senior Software Engineer
Karl Bishop
Karl Bishop is a Senior Software Engineer with IBM. He currently works with the IBM Worklight Product Design team focusing on developer experience. Prior to that, Karl spent many years working within the IBM Software Services for WebSphere group. His technical focus has been in Mobile app development, HTML5, Web 2.0, and JavaScript toolkits. Karl has worked for IBM for over 16 years. Before that, he spent another dozen years honing his geek credentials at another computer company in California. Karl currently works out of his house, hidden away in the Sandhills of North Carolina.

When it comes to mobile apps, having the right tools can make the difference between building an app that captivates the user and poor ratings that ruin an organization’s image.

To build anything the least bit complex requires collaboration across the entire team, integration across the tool chain, and agile team support for rapid response to change.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The makeup of today’s most successful mobile applications
  • How simplicity in integration and automation support development teams to collaboratively design and build complex mobile apps of the highest quality
  • Real-world examples of successful mobile apps developed with IBM software.

This webcast, the first in a series on DevOps for Mobile, explores the critical role development tooling and automation plays in enabling teams to engage their users and respond rapidly to their feedback as they strive to rapidly deliver the best mobile apps possible.

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