The Price of VDI: How to Lower Storage Costs With a Virtual SAN

The Price of VDI: How to Lower Storage Costs With a Virtual SAN


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Duration 60min
Matthew Gray
Cloud Client Computing Sales Enablement
Dell Inc.
Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray is a Subject Matter Expert for Cloud Client Computing & Alternative Desktop Computing. Matthew joined Dell in 2008 as Product Manager for Desktop Virtualization (WW). Prior to that he was the Director of Professional Service at ClearCube Technology from 2002 – 2008. Matthew has been involved in Alternative Desktop Computing market since 1998.
Ryan Costello
Systems Engineer
Ryan Costello
Ryan Costello is a Systems Engineer at VMware focused on end user computing. Ryan has sixteen years of experience working in the technology industry with several years focused specifically on designing, deploying, and managing VDI.

Storage remains one of the primary challenges to deploying VDI for many organizations.

Centralizing all of the data into the datacenter provides great security benefits, but can also put strain on the fixed storage architecture with I/O requests during peak usage.

A software defined storage architecture will provide some flexibility by abstracting the underlying storage HW with a software layer that can automate the service level agreement for flexibility.

Join this webinar to discover how you can:

  • Accelerate performance with high RPM HDD and SSD read/write caching
  • Gain flexibility using a scale-out design
  • Reduce complexity, and time to deployment by utilizing all internal storage
  • Leverage technologies that can help your organization deploy a scalable, cost effective solution that solves key storage issues
  • Maximize IT staff efficiency with overall ease of management of the virtual environment

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