Improve the Student Experience: Desktop Virtualization for Education

Improve the Student Experience: Desktop Virtualization for Education


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Duration 60min
David Fritz
End User Computing Strategist
David Fritz
David Fritz is an End User Computing Strategist for Dell working on solutions that help drive an efficient and product workforce in the rapidly changing world on end user technology trends. David specializes in evolving technology trends such as cloud, virtualization, BYOD & the consumerization of IT and how these trends can transform end user computing for business and public institutions. David is a 15 year Dell veteran and has worked in the Client Computing space for the past 7 years.
Nicole Nesrsta
Solutions Marketing Manager
Nicole Nesrsta
Nicole Nesrsta markets enterprise software solutions to companies around the world. She understands the needs and challenges surrounding customers at all levels—executive, line of business and IT—and delivers solutions that allow them to work and live better. At Citrix, she specializes in horizontal solutions for business continuity and flexwork and vertical solutions for the Education industry.

With a passion for solving business problems with technology solutions, Nicole has enjoyed 5 years in various technology sales and marketing roles. She has held marketing roles at the University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing and the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals. Upon starting with Citrix 3 years ago, she entered technology solution sales and now thrives in her current solutions marketing role. Nicole holds a bachelors and masters degree from the University of Florida.

The rapid evolution of technology is changing the way we learn, work and educate. Schools at all levels can prepare students for success with instruction based on their individual needs, and empower instructors, researchers and administrators to do their best work. Students want the freedom to learn and study using the latest software or applications on any device, in the location where they feel most productive and inspired.

IT faces many challenges to provide a wide range of access and support while still maintaining security and budget requirements. It is time for a change to Cloud Client Computing. Dell’s Virtual Labs desktop virtualization solution for education can provide the freedom for instructors to be dynamic with their approaches and the freedom for students to have access from anywhere on any device.

Join Dell and Citrix to learn about how their solutions for education can allow IT to:

  • Provide the best end user experience for students, faculty and staff
  • Offer shared services with a seamless experience across any device
  • Reduce costs for IT and students
  • Ensure new technology is adopted across campus
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