App Ratings: How to Drive Them Up

App Ratings: How to Drive Them Up


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Duration 60min
Dennis Schultz
Solution Architect, Tester and Software Engineer
Dennis Schultz
Dennis Schultz is a Solution Architect, tester and software engineer. As a child, he had an insatiable curiosity of how things worked and a desire to take things apart - leading to an adult career in testing. The all to common outcome of taking things apart was that he could not put them back together again. The desire to make amends for these transgressions eventually lead to his current position as a Solution Architect where he helps IBM clients to assemble products and tools into integrated solutions to their challenges.

How we view the quality of a mobile application is different than traditional software.

With mobile, bug counts, defect density, and adherence to requirements take a back seat to user sentiment. What users think about an app is more critical to an app’s success, than pretty much any other measure of quality.

In this webcast we want to explore what matters most and how you can deliver apps that exceed expectations.

Join this webinar so you can:

  • Discover the latest trends in mobile app test and quality strategy
  • Uncover key steps you can take now to rapidly reduce app cycle times
  • Improve brand image, exceed user expectations, and drive strong growth through your mobile systems.

Get the secrets to rising ratings and user approval from your mobile apps that will drive your business forward. 

BONUS: All attendees will receive the whitepaper: Ten answers for mobile app testing problems

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