Website Optimization And How To Boost Performance And Scale

Website Optimization And How To Boost Performance And Scale


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Jim Krueger
Lead Developer, WebSphere eXtreme Scale Dynamic Cache Plug-in
Jim Krueger
Jim has spent over 12 years in software development for the WebSphere Application Server and, more recently, WebSphere eXtreme Scale. He is currently the lead developer for the WebSphere eXtreme Scale Dynamic Cache Plug-in and has worked closely in support of Commerce accounts involving WebSphere eXtreme Scale at major U.S. and international retailers.
Jared Anderson
WebSphere eXtreme Scale Customer Team
Jared Anderson
Jared has spent over 9 years in software development and architecture on the WebSphere eXtreme Scale product. He has worked with the product since the beginning and has a breadth of knowledge on many functions of the product. Over the years he has focused on the core API function and has worked closely with helping many customers with their deployments.

Performance and scale are critical in the competitive world of modern web commerce. A website that gets bogged down under high volume can result in discouraged customers and lost sales.

Being prepared for peak load is key to ensuring that customers stay happy, stay focused, and keep coming back.

By combining the robust capabilities of innovative IBM technologies, your websites can ensure a consistent and satisfying experience for your customers.

Join this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Reduce average response-times
  • Create less statistical fluctuation in response-time to generate a more consistent user experience
  • Significantly improve time to reach steady-state after full or partial site restart, by 40%
  • Simplify tuning and operational maintenance
  • Apply Elastic Caching to your existing application infrastructure to address scalability issues with database servers
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