The Three Enemies of Application Performance – And How To Defeat Them

The Three Enemies of Application Performance – And How To Defeat Them


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Duration 60min
Dave Greenfield
Product Marketing Manager
Silver Peak
Dave Greenfield
Dave Greenfield has spent more than 20 years as an award-winning journalist and independent technology consultant. Today, he serves as a product marketing manager at Silver Peak and he recently served as editor and blogger at Network Computing magazine tracking WAN optimization and virtualization. Dave’s work has also been published in InformationWeek.

Business continuity. File sharing. Communications.

Regardless of the IT initiative, you need your application to perform its very best any time, and every time.

But even applications that are responsive within the office can behave poorly and erratically over wide area networks (WAN).

Join us for this educational webinar as we explore the three major performance risks to today’s business applications over distance—and how you can prevent them from undermining your project.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why any application will fail over the Internet even within infinite bandwidth
  • The business applications prone to have performance problems
  • How you can prevent those performance problems—today

Don’t let the Internet make IT the focus of user frustration. Future-proof your network and help any project succeed.

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