Complete Security Incident Investigations in Minutes instead of Days

Complete Security Incident Investigations in Minutes instead of Days


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Dr. Russ Couturier
IBM Security Systems Division
CTO Forensics
Dr. Russ Couturier
Dr. Couturier has been a major influence in the security industry as the founder of three successful high tech companies. His technologies have been used by over 20,000 companies in the public and private sector to protect and secure key assets. He was at the forefront of developing automated denial of services attacks, disguising threats and malware through imperfect network traffic, characterizing real-time attributions of electronic threats, and most recently, big data search engines for threat analytics. He holds five significant patents in the industry with a doctorate in both education and technology from the University of Massachusetts. He currently holds the position of CTO of Forensics for IBM Security Systems.
David Monahan
Research Director, Security & Risk Management
Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
David Monahan
David is a senior information security executive with over 15 years of experience. He has organized and managed both physical and information security programs, including Security and Network Operations (SOCs and NOCs) for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to local government and small public and private companies. He has diverse Audit and Compliance and Risk and Privacy experience – providing strategic and tactical leadership, developing, architecting and deploying assurance controls, delivering process and policy documentation and training, as well as other aspects associated with educational and technical solutions.

Prior to joining Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), David spent almost 10 years at AT&T Solutions focused on the network security discipline. He operationalized AT&T’s Managed Security Services, where he ultimately supported over 700 customers globally. In 2004, he leveraged that experience to provide support to the SMB market, working internally to bolster struggling security organizations. Since then he has been sought after by public and privately held companies and local government – including Network Appliance, McData and Jefferson County Colorado – to help them manage their information security, compliance privacy and IT risk programs.

Aside from his full-time practice in the security field, David has been an adjunct faculty member for Capitol College in Laurel, Maryland since 2007, providing security instruction on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

David has presented briefings to numerous forums including SANSFire, Forrester and the Colorado Digital Government Conference. He has contributed content to State Tech Magazine and CSO Magazine.

BS, Computer Science, North Carolina State University
MS, Network Security/Information Assurance, Capitol College

Time is of the essence, especially when attempting to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents. All the data you need exists if you employ the right tools to reassemble and thoroughly investigate it, but most teams are already drowning in a sea of point security solutions and adding another further distorts the picture.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand how to apply search-engine technology to packet captures to reveal malicious activities
  • See how investigations can be enriched with 'digital impressions' or visualization's of attacker movements and relationships
  • Hear a trained forensics analyst compare IBM QRadar Incident Forensics to other widely available technologies

Register for this webinar to find out how IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics changes the game by using an integrated approach and intuitive user interface for network forensics investigations, helping an organizations security team quickly determine the root cause.

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