Is Your Database Really Ready for Big Data?

Is Your Database Really Ready for Big Data?


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Duration 60min
Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor
Lenny Liebmann
Lenny Liebmann is an InformationWeek contributing editor with more than 30 years of experience in the application of information technologies to real-world business challenges. A Yale graduate, Lenny has worked with leading innovators in networking, IT management, business applications and digital voice. His work has included strategic messaging, white papers, case studies, video, executive ghostwriting, and web content development. He is a frequent speaker for UBM Tech/InformationWeek events.
Larry Heathcote
Program Director
IBM Data Management
Larry Heathcote
Larry Heathcote is a Program Director for IBM's Data Management solutions. Over a 20+ year history, Larry has held a number of positions in both startups and F500 companies, with the majority of his time focused on marketing strategy, planning and execution for information management software and systems. He holds an MSEE/CS from Northwestern University and an MBA from Duke University. He is an active evangelist for data management, data warehousing and big data analytics, and is a frequent speaker at both IBM and third-party conferences. Larry brings a unique blend of business and technical aspects to his presentations, helping his audience learn why and how technical capabilities make a real difference in business performance.

Businesses are in a race to tap into big data to unlock the keys that help them amaze, retain and grow their customers and their business. To do so, they need to capture and store new sources and types of data, and analyze it in context with data they already have.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Analyze data faster than ever before to uncover insights for growing revenue
  • Accelerate time-to-value with load-and-go simplicity
  • Get in-memory performance without the limitations of other in-memory databases
  • Optimize business operations through real time analysis of operational data
  • Reduce labor, storage and system resources required for high performance analytics
  • Reduce business risk with decades of high availability / disaster recovery expertise

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