Mobile App Delivery & DevOps: Best Practices Revealed

Mobile App Delivery & DevOps: Best Practices Revealed


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Duration 60min
Todd Long
North America Practice Leader, Collaborative Lifecycle Management
Rational Solution Architect, IBM Software Group
Todd Long
Todd Long is the Community of Practice leader in North America specializing in IBM Rational's Collaborative Lifecycle Management, Mobile Application Development, and DevOps solutions. During his 15 years with Rational and IBM, Todd has helped many customers understand, implement, and manage their software development methodologies and automation. He has done this by developing a trusted advisor relationship with these customers, and being genuinely concerned with helping them solve their business and technical problems. Some of Todd's skills include, agile methods (SCRUM Master), workflow, source control management, build and deploy, continuous integration, and iOS and Android mobile application development.

Mobile computing is causing a rapid shift in the need for rapid access to services and data. Development teams must frequently release new versions of mobile applications in response to feedback from customers and testers, or because of changes to the back-end (for example, updates to a database or web service). To keep up with user demand, short development cycles are required by mobile, development and operations teams resulting in the use of DevOps practices of continuous release and deployment.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • The often ignored dependence of mobile apps on cloud-based and back-end services
  • How automation of release and deployment processes simplify the delivery of complex mobile apps that rely on a variety of multi-tier services
  • Technologies available now to support organizations struggling with the disconnect between mobile and enterprise app development.

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