How to move Unified Access to the Front of the Class

How to move Unified Access to the Front of the Class


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Scott C. Hughes
Chief Information Officer
Moravian College
Scott C. Hughes
Scott C Hughes is the Chief Information Officer for Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. He received his Under-Graduate degrees from Rutgers University and his Graduate degree from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. After his sixteen-year career in the U.S. Army, Scott decided it was time for a change, and came back to New Jersey where he began his civilian career as an Accountant with Kinney Parking Systems in Manhattan, NYC. During that time, Scott initiated a project to automate Kinney’s parking lots. That is when he discovered his love of all things technical; he "Crossed to the IT side" and never looked back.

Prior to Moravian College, Scott worked for Centenary College and Beacon College as Chief Information Officer. He is a self professed Fiscal Conservative at heart, wrapped in a Geek shell.
Neal Tilley
Senior Director, Education Technology, North America
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
Neal Tilley
Neal Tilley is responsible for Solution Development across the North American Education sector in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. With over 22 years of experience in the IT Communication industry, Neal brings insight into how technology can make a difference to any education organization. Having worked across the world for Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Neal has been involved in many Education customers’ communication transformations and brings invaluable experience to any technology related project. His present role is focused on helping Educators understand the impact of emerging infrastructure & collaboration technologies on their teaching environment, their students, their faculty, partners and the community as a whole.

Neal has helped School Districts and Universities develop new teaching practices with new innovations from Alcatel-Lucent (and Bell Labs). In particular, Neal is involved in many IT initiatives that promote a better way of teaching and has evangelized this at many Education institutions across the world. Neal has a Bsc (Hons) degree in Business Studies and a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (DipM). Before Alcatel-Lucent, Neal developed his diverse technical background by working for several System Integrators as well as several large PC manufacturers. All through his career, he has worked with education customers and has an impressive list of use cases and successes.

Neal has contributed to many education events and associations (such as ACUTA, Educause, FCC etc). His experience includes:
  • implementing the first classroom IP phone in La Jolla School District
  • engineering the one-time world’s largest deployment of IP Telephony in a school district (Clark County School District),
  • developing a SAFE CAMPUS solution for Santé Fe Community College that thwarted an active shooter
  • presenting the 21stCampus at Harvard, hinting towards a future tied to analytics, BYOD and Gamefication. 
Neal is focused on immersing himself into the unique environment every school district, university or college he works with.

Today’s students have higher expectations of what wired and wireless networks should provide to support their research for classes and their social interactions while at college. All colleges face the fact that upgrading networks is now a strategic decision that directly affects the retention of existing students and recruitment of new students. Moravian College did just that.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Create a unified network that can support your strategic directions (i.e. Moravian College chose an all Macbook Pro network)
  • Improve wired and wireless access everywhere on campus to match expectation
  • Provide high quality data, video and multimedia communications at any time
  • Attract students by offering an advanced wired and wireless network infrastructure

Register for this webinar if you believe that higher education needs a new education environment in which everyone has the same tools and access to the same experience regardless of where they are on campus. The classroom walls are totally removed with the availability of teaching, learning and collaboration anywhere on campus, anytime it’s appropriate.

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