How To Leverage SQL 2014 To Gain Competitive Advantage

How To Leverage SQL 2014 To Gain Competitive Advantage


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Duration 60min
Marshall Pilcher
SQL/SharePoint Technologies, Partner Technology Specialist
Microsoft onsite at Dell
Marshall Pilcher
Marshall has spent over 12 years in the Information Technology Industry most recently focusing on SQL and SharePoint on premise and cloud solutions as a Partner Technology Specialist. His expertise ranges from design and architecture of SQL Server Solutions to cost effective licensing program identification. Previous projects included a 3 year program to introduce and gain market share for Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center in the server virtualization and management space before moving into SQL/SharePoint. Marshall spent 6 years with Dell and 5 years with Microsoft in both call center and field capacities. He has earned his MCP for Windows Server Virtualization and is a two time Circle of Excellence trip winner with Dell.

You will be challenged today with vast amounts of data and disparate databases which will make searching and analytics difficult.

Rapid database deployment and speed to market requires flexible databases, hardware and cloud services.

SQL 2014 provides strategies directed at targeting these specific areas.

This webcast will show you how you can:

  • Reduce the cost of database solutions while improving performance of mission critical workloads
  • Leverage cloud services to rapidly develop database solutions and quickly get to market with them
  • Empower end users to analyze large amounts of data through Power Pivot and Power View
  • Reduce the SSRS burden on the DBA
  • Virtualize your SQL 2014 solutions for enhanced flexibility and resilience
  • Execute high availability of your DBA regardless of platform, cloud, onsite or hybrid

Learn what is new in SQL 2014 and gain the competitive edge in the marketplace. Join us for Gain the Competitive Edge with SQL 2014

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