Convergence: How to Take the Right Path

Convergence: How to Take the Right Path


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Duration 60min
Tony Logan
ESG Marketing Director
Tony Logan
Tony Logan is in his 19th year at Dell, spending his first 14 years at Dell in various sales and sales-management roles. He was drawn to Marketing and Strategy 5 years ago by the opportunity to help customers rethink Dell in terms of enterprise solutions and commitment to innovation. He has a degree in Architecture from the University of Missouri.
Brandon King
Enterprise Technology Specialis
Brandon King
Brandon King is an 18-year Intel veteran, having joined Intel in 1996. He began work at Intel in the software division and worked as a Territory Manager for five years, before moving to Intel’s Architecture Group to focus on what was then “next generation” technologies, specializing in RFID and Grid/Utility Computing. In 2003, he was awarded an Intel Architecture Achievement award for his accomplishments with RFID in retail. Since 2008, Brandon has worked as an Enterprise Technology Specialist at Intel, covering Intel’s full client and server product portfolio. Brandon serves in a volunteer capacity as a board member of Net Literacy, a local non-profit. He is an Indiana native, a graduate of Indiana University, and lives on the northeast side of Indianapolis with his wife and three children.

Convergence means different things to different organizations. For some it means better virtualization and consolidation. For others it means integrated architectures that reduce complexity, and yet for others they look for automated, private cloud-like capabilities. Regardless of the path an organization takes, virtualization is today, and will be, the key to helping your IT services department adapt to rapidly changing business requirements.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Converge physical and virtual management practices
  • Converge based on your goals, budget and timelines
  • Discover how Customer-Inspired-Innovation has resulted in a revolutionary new converged hardware platform for small and remote office environments

Register for this webinar to learn the impact of choosing the right path for convergence based on organizational goals, and why future data center technologies like hyper-convergence or Software Defined X, should be considered as possible destinations.

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