Data Replication Tools in the Government: Best Practices Revealed

Data Replication Tools in the Government: Best Practices Revealed


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Duration 60min
Laurie Morrow
Sr. Research Director
Market Connections
Laurie Morrow
Ms. Morrow has more than 25 years of marketing research experience in government, technology, financial services and manufacturing, among other industries. She is the senior research director at Market Connections, a sought-after authority on the preferences, perceptions and trends among government professionals and the contractors who serve them. Ms. Morrow is the lead researcher on a variety of government IT and cyber-security related topics for clients such as Dell Software, Lockheed Martin, NetApp and GDIT, among others. She is the author, project director and designer for Market Connections' popular Federal Media and Marketing Study and online tool, which measures the media habits of federal government decision-makers, as well as the research director behind Market Connections' ongoing PulsePolls™ of the federal market.
Bill Brunt
Product Manager
Dell SharePlex
Bill Brunt
Bill started working with Oracle in 1988, presenting 4 previous times at OOW and its’ predecessor. In 1991, Bill joined Regents College, now Excelsior College and became their CIO. He has worked with the replication solution called SharePlex for both Dell and as a customer. He has helped hundreds of customers increase the availability and deploy scalable infrastructures. His experience with Oracle includes database administration, architecture, data warehousing, Oracle EBS and application development. Hands on experience with replication technology includes change data capture, messaging queues, block level disk writes, enterprise application integration, extract transformation and load.

The amount of data that federal agencies manage and collect continues to grow. As it grows, so does the opportunity for inaccuracies—inaccuracies that can impact mission and objectives, data security, and compliance requirements. Integrating applications and data from numerous sources while also improving operational efficiency and increasing information consistency is critical.  Data replication and integration tools help manage this data, keeping it accurate and secure.

Dell Software will reveal the results of a new independent poll of federal database users and administrators, including:

  • The most sought-after features of data replication tools
  • Biggest frustrations in managing data replication tools
  • Potential costs of not implementing data replication solutions

With numerous tools on the market, agencies face challenges identifying the best tools to fit their short- and long-term needs. Register for this webinar to understand the benefits and challenges of data replication and integration tools.

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