5 Ways Cloud-Integrated Storage Can Make Backup Better

5 Ways Cloud-Integrated Storage Can Make Backup Better


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Duration 60min
Rachel Dines
Product Marketing Manager
Riverbed Technology
Rachel Dines
Rachel Dines is a product marketing manager at Riverbed Technology, where she focuses on SteelStore, the company’s cloud-integrated storage solution. Previously, Rachel was an industry analyst at Forrester Research covering resiliency, backup, and cloud. Her research has paved the way for cloud-based resiliency and next generation backup strategies. Rachel has a B.A. in Art History and Computer Science from Smith College.
Jason Buffington
Sr. Analyst
Data Protection ESG
Jason Buffington
Jason focuses on primarily on data protection, along with Windows Server infrastructure, management and visualization. He has specialized in data protection and availability solutions for 25 years, including roles at channel partners, software-developers, and Microsoft.

Many organizations complain that data protection is too slow, too expensive, and too risky and are quick to blame their backup software. While it’s true that many modern backup architectures fall short of meeting today's recovery needs, the culprit is often the surrounding infrastructure. That is why many organizations today are looking to cloud storage to aid in their backup and recovery strategies. While disk is certain to continue to be the recovery tier of choice, extending your data protection to the cloud can solve many of the challenges that organizations face in seeking better  backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity today. 

From this webinar, you will learn how cloud-integrated storage can help you:

  • Cut data volumes by 90% and reduce transport times by 75%
  • Shrink recovery times and reduce data loss
  • Ensure company data is safe and compliant in the cloud
  • Mitigate risks related to disaster recovery and vendor lock-in
  • Cope with large volumes of data and limited bandwidth

And do it all with the backup software that you are currently using (if you like it) or something different (if you don’t).

Come learn from industry experts Jason Buffington from ESG, and Rachel Dines from Riverbed about the latest in hybrid cloud backups.

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