Internet of Things Data: How to Use Embedded Database & Streaming Analytics for Value

Internet of Things Data: How to Use Embedded Database & Streaming Analytics for Value


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Duration 60min
Sara Willett
Program Director
Informix Internet of Things
Sara Willett
Sara Willett is the Program Director for Informix Internet of Things where her responsibilities include developing the Informix IoT business in collaboration with other IBM products and business partners. Sara joined IBM in 2005 after earning her MBA from Michigan State University and has worked as a Manager and Project Manager across IBM including work with Software Group DevOps, Informix, Netezza, InfoSphere Streams, and STG Rational Solutions.
Jacques Roy
Executive IT Specialist, WW Technical Sales, Big Data
InfoSphere Streams
Jacques Roy
Jacques Roy has worked in many technology areas including operating systems, databases, and application development. He is the author of books, redbooks, and developerWorks articles. He is also a regular contributor to IBM data magazine. Jacques has also been a presenter at many conferences including IBM's Information on Demand (IOD).

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driven by consumer demand for new services and convenience, as well as by the availability of low cost sensors, smart phones, and universal internet access. New technologies can enable you to take advantage of this new natural resource through gateway processing, cloud infrastructure and distributed real-time analytics.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand the 3-tier IoT architecture including edge devices, gateways, and cloud
  • Derive the importance of a gateway database for local processing and storage of data from your edge devices
  • Act in real time with sophisticated analysis of your streaming data for time sensitive decisions.

Register for this webinar to learn more about the latest technology enabling the Internet of Things across devices, sensors, gateways and the cloud for connected environments. See how bringing an intelligent mix of technologies from an enterprise-class database to the “edge” and real-time analytics on consolidated data provides a competitive advantage in the Internet of Things.

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