5 Steps to Make IT a Blue-Chip Brand

5 Steps to Make IT a Blue-Chip Brand


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Jonathan Feldman
Chief Information Officer
City of Asheville North Carolina
Jonathan Feldman
Jonathan Feldman is Chief Information Officer for the City of Asheville, NC, where he encourages innovation through better business technology and process. Asheville is a rapidly growing and popular city; it has been named a Fodor top travel destination, and is the site of many new breweries, including New Belgium's east coast expansion. During Jonathan's leadership, the City has been recognized nationally and internationally (including the International Economic Development Council New Media, NATOA Community Broadband, and the GMIS Best Practices awards) for improving services to citizens and reducing expenses through IT innovation.

Jonathan's business innovation training and experience includes an MS from Georgia Tech's business school and 20+ years of business technology practice with a diverse group of customers: government, military, law enforcement, financial services and healthcare.
Wendy Schuchart
Editor and Moderator
InformationWeek Government
Wendy Schuchart
Wendy Schuchart is a technology journalist with more than a decade of experience in enterprise IT. Most recently, Schuchart was the senior site editor of TechTarget's CIO Media Group. She has also served as section editor for UBM's Network Computing and Secure Enterprise. Connect with her on Twitter @wendyschuchart

Do your business colleagues see IT as essential to success — or a cost center? You may be surprised that in our last IT Perception Survey, only 43% of non-IT respondents considered their IT teams integral to the business, and 54% classified IT as a support or maintenance organization and not an innovator.

Why do we labor under this image even as technology moves ever-higher on the priority list for CEOs? In a word, lack of marketing. You’ll learn:

  • The many benefits -- both to IT and customers -- of regular satisfaction surveys
  • Why you should keep track of "puts and takes" from customers
  • How changing one simple word in employee communications can vastly boost IT's reputation, and more.

In this InformationWeek Webinar, we’ll give you a five step plan to polish any IT department’s image.

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