Data at Risk: Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Protection

The current spate of high profile data breaches has put privacy in the spotlight. There are dozens of state and federal regulations that may apply, plus numerous industry codes and standards, to say nothing of international rules. Without a thorough legal review of data retention and management practices, a company is at risk. This session will address critical considerations around compliant management of data.

On Demand
1h 00min

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to identify the regulations and standards that apply your organization
  • Which corporate data must be protected
  • How to develop a comprehensive plan for data retention and management


Featured Speakers

  • Lane Roush
    Lane Roush
    Director of Presales Systems Engineering
    Arctic Wolf

    Lane Roush has been in the technology industry for over 20 years. He came from the infrastructure side of the business where he focused on storage, compute, networking, and applications. Over the last two years Lane has dived deep into the security industry to understand cybersecurity issues and how companies can better utilize technology and services to increase their overall security posture. Currently Lane is the Director of Presales Systems Engineering at Arctic Wolf Networks where his passion is to help customers solve problems by mentoring, empowering, and building a world class Presales Systems Engineering team of individuals to help educate, solve, and architect solutions to increase the worlds security posture.

  • Tony  Porras
    Tony Porras
    Cyber Security & Compliance Attorney

    Tony is the owner of Porras Law, a legal practice focused exclusively on cybersecurity and data privacy and security. Tony spent more than 20 years as an IT/cybersecurity executive before entering the legal profession. As a result, he has the practical expertise in cyber and risk management support necessary for today's unique data protection environment. He blends his technology experience with his legal expertise and attorney-client privilege to consult with firms large and small in the areas of data protection and privacy.

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