Managing Multiple Clouds: Best Practices

Putting all your eggs in one cloud basket is risky, because clouds are not immune to denials of service, nor are they immune to going out of business. Using multiple clouds with multiple vendors is a good idea, but managing it can be tricky. In this session, we'll discuss best practices and provide tips and advice to help you decide how best to manage your cloud data and your vendor relationships.

On Demand
1h 00min

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • Know the lowest-common-denominator approach that enables easier multi-cloud usage
  • Learn the best options for synchronizing data across clouds
  • Understand the trade-offs between different cloud management systems
  • Identify the use cases where a single cloud is the best option

Featured Speakers

  • Joe Masters  Emison
    Joe Masters Emison
    Chief Technology Officer

    Joe Emison is a serial technical entrepreneur, most recently founding BuildFax in 2008, and has consulted with many other companies on their own cloud launches and migrations. Joe oversees all technology and product management for Xceligent, and regularly contributes articles to The New Stack and InformationWeek on software development and the cloud. Joe graduated with degrees in English and Mathematics from Williams College and has a law degree from Yale Law School.

  • Doug  Ko
    Doug Ko
    Senior Strategy and Market Development Manager
    Nimble Storage

    Doug Ko is a Senior Strategy and Market Development Manager at Nimble Storage. He is an expert in data storage and cloud computing and is interested in the role of cloud computing in enabling digital transformation at enterprises and service providers.

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