How DevOps can simplify IT Operations

The operational models and technologies used to manage and operate IT on a day-to-day basis are dramatically changing. Open, programmable systems and devices are becoming the norm, allowing integration with DevOps automation tools.
In this session, we'll discuss ways organizations and individuals can use DevOps tools and concepts to implement automation and simplify IT operations, the emergence of a “superpattern” in DevOps and how you can apply these processes to automation.

On Demand
1h 00min

Learn how DevOps will allow you to:

  • Build security, quality and performance into systems
  • Support experimentation and learning
  • Reduce waste, removing constraints, maximizing flow
  • Allow the measurement of value realization

Featured Speakers

  • Helen  Beal
    Helen Beal

    Helen has 20 years’ experience working in the technology industry with a focus on the Software Development Lifecycle for a wealth of cross industry clients in the UK and abroad. Helen is passionate about DevOps, referring to herself as a DevOpsologist, and is the creator of the Ranger4 DevOps LiftOff Workshop and the Ranger4 DevOps Maturity Assessment - winner of the IBM Beacon Award 2015 for Outstanding DevOps Solution. She is on the Board of Regents at the DevOps Institute and code signed The Phoenix Project Game with Gamingworks (this was key in Ranger4’s winning the 2016 DevOps Dozen award for Most Innovative DevOps Solution Provider). Helen is also a novelist and ecologist. She once saw a flamingo lay an egg.

  • Tina  Sturgis
    Tina Sturgis
    Solutions Marketing Director
    BMC Software

    Tina Sturgis is currently a Solutions Marketing Director focusing on Control-M Automation API and bringing more Ops into Dev with jobs-as-code. With her she brings 20+ year’s enterprise software sales, services and marketing experience. Prior to joining BMC in September 2016, Tina spent nearly 13 years at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software focusing her expertise in project and portfolio management, application lifecycle management and most recently DevOps across the HPE products and services portfolio. Her vast DevOps experience lies in how to implement a DevOps methodology, what a DevOps operating model should look like and how to make DevOps really work inside complex organizations by measuring success and focusing on organizational change. She earned her BBA degree in accounting and economics from the University of Michigan.

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