Shifting the IT Paradigm: How to Focus on User Experience

In an age of persistent connectivity, learn about powerful solutions which align productivity, IT, business, and your users

We've actively shifted into the information age. This, alone, has caused a vast increase in data, the way we leverage technology, solutions, and how we - as users and customers - consume technology. To help work with all of this information, new solutions have been impacting users, organizations, and our entire industry. Plus, we are operating in day-to-day situations full of complexity, data avalanches, constant change to the fundamental ways work gets done. As we implement new tools and processes, manage technology infrastructure and tools, and lead our teams, how do we stay focused on creating business value for our companies and employees? Remember, your users and customers aren't just 'consuming' technology, they're leveraging these solutions for work, home, and - literally - every minute of their lives. This means we can't just give users a piece of technology. Rather, we have to give them an experience; preferably a positive one.
In this session, we'll offer strategies and tips for IT leaders and staff to serve their users and customers -- both internal and external -- by understanding the behaviors and business outcomes that are most important. We'll examine how the modern user has evolved and where they require good experiences. From there, we'll offer examples and strategies that enable IT to support all its customers, discussing how to best support technology initiatives that drive the business forward and examining how the modern workforce is evolving, requiring new tools to help employees optimize productivity and performance.

On Demand
1h 00min

Tune into this webinar to learn:

  • Key trends impacting you, the user
  • Challenges facing organizations - both large and small
  • How leading companies are delivering powerful experiences to their digitally connected people
  • Different strategies to impact both productivity and performance
  • Getting started: Going on the connected-user journey

Featured Speakers

  • Bill Kleyman
    Bill Kleyman
    Director of Technology Solutions

    Bill is an enthusiastic technologist with experience in a variety of industries. This includes data center, cloud, virtualization, security, AI, mobility, edge solutions, and much more. His architecture work includes large virtualization and cloud deployments as well as focusing on overcoming emerging business challenges. Bill enjoys writing, blogging, and educating colleagues around everything that is technology. During the day, Bill is the Director of Technology Solutions at EPAM where he works with AI, machine learning, blockchain solutions, DevOps, cloud, and advanced technologies to help engineer the digital future. Bill’s whitepapers, articles, video blogs and podcasts have been published and referenced on WindowsITPro, Data Center Knowledge, InformationWeek, Network Computing, TechTarget, Dark Reading, Forbes, CBS Interactive, Slashdot, and many others. As an active member of the technology industry, Bill was ranked #16 globally in an Onalytica study of the top 100 most influential individuals in the cloud landscape; and #4 in a different Onalytica study reviewing the industry’s top data security experts.

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith
    Senior Manager Product Marketing

    Stephen is an experienced product marketer and technology evangelist, serving as Senior Manager, Product Marketing for LogMeIn Rescue. With over 20 years of experience, Stephen has experience in technical support, IT systems, systems engineering, and product marketing where he currently works on go-to-market strategy, uncovering market trends and opportunities, and new product feature validation and evolution.

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