The Network of the Future is Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to reshape the way IT organizations deploy and manage infrastructure and how users consume those services.

On the networking front, AI allows networks to be more predictive and intelligent, with the ability to automatically make recommendations and implement policies to save time and money and reduce downtime.

The IT department at Dartmouth College is on the leading edge of this movement, realizing that students learn best using a network architecture that is learning, too. Dartmouth's new AI-driven network ensures fast and reliable connectivity to key resources across campus, and it enables educators to incorporate the most engaging content into their lesson plans.

In this webinar, the CIO of Dartmouth, Mitch Davis, is joined by experts from Mist and Juniper to describe how AI-driven networks are boosting the user experience at the esteemed Ivy League college and the lessons that enterprise IT can learn from their implementation.

On Demand
1h 00min

During this session you'll hear how IT organizations can:

  • Use AI-driven insight to maximize network uptime and optimize resources
  • Leverage predictive analytics to avoid network problems before they arise
  • Gain visibility into the wired and wireless user experience
  • Securely share personalized devices
  • Implement personalized location services, such as wayfinding and proximity notifications
  • Enable IT team to shift focus from reactive support to proactive projects

Featured Speakers

  • Jeff Aaron
    Jeff Aaron
    VP of Marketing
    Mist Systems

    Jeff Aaron serves as Mist’s Vice President of Marketing, where he is responsible for global promotion of the company's groundbreaking wireless platform. Prior to Mist, Jeff was VP of marketing at PernixData, the leading storage acceleration and analytics company. Jeff has over 22 years of experience marketing in the high tech space, having worked at various software, networking and telecommunications companies including Silver Peak Systems, Airespace (acquired by Cisco), Turnstone Systems, and Newbridge Networks (acquired by Alcatel). He began his career as a senior consultant at Ernst and Young where he counseled Fortune 100 companies with IT design and planning. Jeff earned his BA from Duke University with majors in Computer Science and Economics.

  • Rahul Vir
    Rahul Vir
    Sr. Director of Product Management
    Juniper Networks

    Rahul is Senior Director of Product Management at Juniper Networks. His specialties include product and corporate strategy, product portfolio management, enterprise networks, data centers, network functions virtualization (NFV) and service provider networks. He has been with Juniper for over 6 years and is currently responsible for enterprise switching, network management and cloud delivered management portfolio. He has received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Ohio State University and an MBA from University of California at Berkeley

  • Mitch Davis
    Mitch Davis
    Dartmouth College

    Mitch Davis provides campus wide vision, leadership, and long-range direction for the management, development and implementation of information and technology initiatives that align with mission and strategic direction of Dartmouth. He works with leaders across the College and at the Thayer Engineering, Tuck Business, and Geisel Medical School to help drive business, academic and research operations.

  • Felix Windt
    Felix Windt
    Team Lead for Network Engineering
    Dartmouth College

    Felix is the Team Lead for Network Engineering at Dartmouth College. He focuses on core and distribution routing and switching, data center architecture, network infrastructure technologies such as DNS, DHCP and RADIUS, and the overall architecture of the campus wireless network. He has been with Dartmouth College for 7 years.

  • Lenny Liebmann
    Lenny Liebmann
    Contributing Editor

    Lenny is an InformationWeek contributing editor and principal analyst at Morgan Armstrong. His unique insight into how organizations succeed and fail at using technology in the real world to achieve their objectives is informed by 40+ years of front-line engagement, dating back to writing his first line of code in 1973. His work has appeared in every leading IT and business publication, and he is a sought-after moderator and speaker for industry events. You can follow him on Twitter@lennyliebmann.