How Headless CMS Fits into Modern Web Architectures

Headless content delivery is seeing rapid adoption as a way to manage digital experiences across the ever-expanding number of channels customers interact with.  Delivering content stored in your Content Management System (CMS) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) system quickly and efficiently to any end point is critical for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Many traditional Web Content Management (WCM) and CMS vendors are providing headless content delivery options as a way to support web and non-website experiences.  Are you looking at how to integrate your WCM/CMS tools with a modern approach to web development and omnichannel content delivery?  Are you interested in getting a review of architectural options to leverage your investment in Experience Management/WCM/CMS systems?  If so, then this webinar is for you.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Gain an understanding of what Headless CMS is
  • Learn how Headless CMS is relevant to Modern Web Architectures
  • Have an overview of leading patterns for integrating Experience Management/WCM systems into modern web architectures
  • Understand guidelines for choosing an appropriate pattern for integrating you Experience Management/WCM system into your web application

Featured Speakers

  • Paul McMahon
    Paul McMahon
    Managing Director
    Accenture Interactive

    Paul McMahon is a Managing Director with Accenture Interactive focused on building the user experiences using modern, lightweight web architectures and experience management technologies. Paul has 20 years of experience building high volume public facing web sites and web applications with a focus on experience management and web content management technologies.

  • Peter Krass
    Peter Krass
    Contributing Editor

    Peter Krass is an editor and writer specializing in business technology. Formerly, Peter held senior editorial positions with Inc., Planet IT, Smart Enterprise, TechBuilder, InformationWeek and the BusinessWeek newsletter group.

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