Zero Trust in Practice

Why Identity Drives an Adaptive Workforce

Zero Trust is quickly becoming the dominant security model for the cloud, shifting the perimeter from the network to the people and devices that make up a modern workforce. As a model with many moving parts, the immediate question is where to start?

On Demand
1h 00min

This session will focus on:

  • The full Zero Trust reference architecture and steps to get there
  • How to build a foundation for Zero Trust
  • Why contextual access is important
  • What adaptive trust is and how to assess trust

Featured Speakers

  • Ivan Dwyer
    Ivan Dwyer
    Product Marketing

    Ivan Dwyer is a member of the Product Marketing team at Okta, joined via the ScaleFT acquisition where he led all things Product, Marketing, & Community. As an early advocate for Zero Trust across the security industry, Ivan has been a leading voice in promoting Google’s BeyondCorp initiative, one of the marquee examples of Zero Trust done right.

  • Kelsey Nelson
    Kelsey Nelson
    Product Marketing Manager

    Kelsey Nelson is a Product Marketing Manager at Okta, focused on cross-product and cross-industry go-to-market solutions such as Zero Trust as well as vertical-specific solutions. Prior to joining Okta, she led product and business launches as well as on-going communications at tech startups varying from enterprise software to consumer music hardware at San Francisco agency LaunchSquad. Kelsey also began her career teaching middle school in the Bay Area with Teach for America, and remains an active community member through organizations like Okta for Good and Full Circle Fund. She lives in San Francisco and holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Nick Fisher
    Nick Fisher
    Security Product Marketing

    Nick has over a decade of experience in enterprise SaaS and modern security solutions. Previously, Nick led product marketing at Lookout, where he helped develop the enterprise mobile security market. Nick lives in San Francisco and holds an MBA from Columbia University.

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