Enterprise Database Strategies for 2020

An examination of IT data management trends and how the industry responds

Database technology is at the core of all enterprise information iniatives, ranging from day-to-day operations to customer intelligence applications and advanced analytics and AI projects. Yet, there's been a wave of change in that database tech in recent years, and the change continues. NoSQL tools have emerged as alternatives to legacy relational DBMS tech, and the traditional vendors have shifted from on-premise models to alternate offerings. Those developments and more are intended to fit the ever-changing needs of the enterprise IT environment.

On Demand
1h 00min

In this webinar you will learn from experts how database technology is adapting to and embracing an enterprise IT environment built to support advanced analytics and AI. During the session we will discuss the:

  • Continuous integration and constant change defined by Agile concepts
  • Need to support application development driven by non-technical business users
  • Speed, reliability and flexibility demanded by anywhere/anytime access
  • Need to support and scale for massive, T-byte sized data volumes of operational, transactional, and customer information

Featured Speakers

  • Holger Mueller
    Holger Mueller
    Vice President and Principal Analyst
    Constellation Research, Inc.

    Holger Mueller is VP and Principal Analyst for Constellation Research covering Next Generation Apps and Human Capital Management. Holger provides strategy and counsel to key clients, including Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Product Officers, Chief HR Officers, investment analysts, venture capitalists, sell side firms and technology buyers.

  • Lenley Hensarling
    Lenley Hensarling
    Chief Strategy Officer

    Lenley Hensarling is the chief strategy officer of Aerospike, a leader in next-generation, hyperscale data solutions. He has more than 30 years of experience in engineering management, product management, and operational management at both startups and large successful software companies. He previously held executive positions at Novell, EnterWorks, JD Edwards, EnterpriseDB, and Oracle. He has extensive experience in delivering value to customers and shareholders in both enterprise applications and infrastructure software.

  • Eric Bruno
    Eric Bruno
    Contributing Editor

    Eric Bruno is a contributing editor to InformationWeek with more than 20 years of experience in the information technology community. He is a highly requested moderator and speaker for a variety of conferences and other events on topics spanning the technology spectrum from the desktop to the data center.

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