OpenStack from Top to Bottom

OpenStack from Top to Bottom

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Duration 60min
Will Ochandarena
Senior Product Manager, Data Center Solutions
Will Ochandarena
Will is a Senior Product Manager at SeaMicro, responsible for OpenStack strategy and the SM15000 features for networking, fabric, and management. He has extensive data center experience with over eight years of experience and came to AMD most recently from Cisco’s Data Center solutions group. He is passionate about automation, both in the data center and at home.
Lauren E. Nelson
Analyst Serving Infrastructure and Operations Professionals
Forrester Research
Lauren E. Nelson
Lauren E. Nelson, Forrester's private infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud lead, is an analyst based in Cambridge, Mass., serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals. Her coverage area spans the IaaS space with extensive knowledge of solutions (including internal private, hosted private, and public IaaS), enterprise adoption trends, the current state of cloud standardization, and cloud metrics creation. Her coverage also includes strategic rightsourcing of applications, cloud strategy development, customer use cases, cloud adoption trends, cloud economics, and the green implications of cloud computing. Lauren has advised hundreds of enterprises on these topics through speeches, workshops, webinars, inquiries, advisory, and reports.

OpenStack has so many players and technologies sprouting up it is becoming harder and harder to ascertain if it can actually solve the problems that started the movement.  There are so many moving parts with complementary or overlapping technology initiatives, resulting in an ever-changing landscape.  Cutting through the noise and defining a clear set of strategies can help companies exceed their expectations and leverage OpenStack to achieve both business and technical objectives.

OpenStack experts from AMD and Forrester will review the current situation of where OpenStack is and where it is heading into the future.  The key takeaways of the session will be:

  • Determine which OpenStack strategy (public, private or hybrid cloud) is the right strategy
  • Leverage OpenStack for key applications and understand why not every application is well suited for OpenStack
  • Learn what OpenStack is good at and where OpenStack needs to improve for enterprises to fully leverage its capabilities
  • Gain insights into the key infrastructure innovations that can shape the direction of OpenStack and redefine its capabilities to simplify operations, reduce space/power consumption and maximize computing resources

This webinar will provide valuable insights for enterprises currently evaluating, designing or implementing OpenStack.  It will be a provocative discussion based on data driven industry insights and real life customer deployments.

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