Network Closets and Server Rooms: Critical Part of your Business

Network Closets and Server Rooms: Critical Part of your Business


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Srdan Mutabdzija
Solution Offer Manager
APC by Schneider Electric
Srdan Mutabdzija
In his current role as Solution Offer Manager, Srdan’s main focus is creating innovative solutions for smaller IT environments. He has been with Schneider Electric for over 12 years as a design engineer, quality and process manager and customer advocate. Srdan has MS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and MBA from Bentley University. He lives in Arlington, MA and loves spending time with his 3year old daughter Luna.

How many wiring closets or smaller server rooms do you manage? Are they distributed in various remote sites or at Colos? Or, are you running most of your business in the Cloud?

Regardless of your IT strategy, distributed IT environments are becoming more and more important for your everyday business operations. They are not only business connection to the Data in the Cloud but also the connection to the customers.

Join this webcast to discover how you can:

  • Configure, order and install IT physical infrastructure for IT rooms
  • Integrate your IT physical infrastructure with other IT equipment or other systems
  • Manage your IT room infrastructure efficiently
  • Make your connection to the Data more reliable
  • Minimize the risk of downtime for your IT Rooms

Integrated and Managed IT physical infrastructure solutions will not only ensure 100% uptime for your business but also save you costs in the long run.

Implementing the key recommendations revealed in this webcast will help you reach those goals.

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