Denial of Service and Data Breach Attacks: How Industry Information Sharing Helps Defeat Cyber Threats

Denial of Service and Data Breach Attacks: How Industry Information Sharing Helps Defeat Cyber Threats


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Duration 60min
Denise Anderson
Vice President, FS-ISAC, Government and Cross-Sector Programs
Chair, National Council of ISACs
Denise Anderson
Mike Smith
Director, Computer Security Incident Response Team
Akamai Technologies
Mike Smith
Since September 2012, large-scale DDoS and application layer attacks have targeted insurance companies, asset managers, brokerage firms, credit unions, small banks, and large banks. Many financial firms’ online services have been affected for days with direct impacts on new revenue, account openings, customer service, and brand value.  

The US Federal Government recognized that sharing information about attacks and defenses—within and across industries—was essential and authorized and encouraged the formation of industry forums (2003 Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7). One of the oldest and largest of these organizations is the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), a non-profit industry association.

Join this webinar to hear Denise Anderson of FS-ISAC describe how the organization facilitates the dissemination of critical information through a variety of channels, and why other industries might benefit from these approaches.

You will also gain “from the trenches” insights from Mike Smith, Director of Akamai’s Security Incident Response Team, on how to defend a financial institution against large-scale DDoS and data breach attacks. In a typical week, Akamai enables companies to defend against numerous attacks of up to 30 Gigabits per second.  Mike will also provide an update on Akamai’s latest threat intelligence, including an update on the latest large scale DDoS attacks (Phase 4 of Operation Ababil).

Register now to learn:

  • How FS-ISAC has helped banks defend against DDoS
  • The benefits of participating in an information sharing forum
  • The latest attack methods, tools, and approaches
  • Blocking techniques for both network and application layer attacks
  • Why some defenses fail or result in performance degradation
  • Best practices for mitigation of DDoS attacks and data breaches

Join us live to discover the benefits of industry information sharing forums and much more.


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