Future-State Ecommerce

Future-State Ecommerce


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Mike Healey
Contributing Editor
Mike Healey

Mike Healey is the president of Yeoman Technology Group, an engineering and research firm focusing on maximizing technology investments for organizations, and an InformationWeek Analytics contributor. He has more than 23 years experience in technology and software integration.

Prior to founding Yeoman, Mike served as the CTO of national network integrator GreenPages. He joined GreenPages as part of the acquisition of TENCorp, where he served as president for 14 years. Prior to founding TENCorp, Mike was an international project manager for Nixdorf Computer and a Notes consultant for Sandpoint Corp.

Mike has taught courses at MIT Lowell Institute and Northeastern University and has served on the Educational Board of Advisers for several schools and universities throughout New England. He has a BA in operations management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MBA from Babson College.

He is a regular contributor for InformationWeek, focusing on the business challenges related to implementing technology. His work includes analysis of the SaaS market, green IT and operational readiness related to virtualized environments.

Jon Gettinger
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Aria Systems
Jon Gettinger
As senior vice president of marketing, Jon Gettinger is responsible for Aria Systems' global marketing strategy including product marketing, channel marketing, demand generation and corporate communications. Gettinger has more than 20 years of experience marketing and selling business software applications to multi-billion dollar enterprises, including in his most recent role as head of marketing for Accept Software. Prior to this, he led marketing for Fortify Software (acquired by Hewlett-Packard), where he grew the enterprise customer base from 200 to more than 1000, and launched Fortify on Demand, the company's first SaaS offering. Gettinger studied Computer Engineering at Case Western Reserve University.

There's no such thing as a standalone ecommerce site – today, this function cannot be a bolt-on. Companies must go broad and think holistically, looping in ERP, suppliers, security, marketing automation packages and more. There are multiple ecommerce instances geared for specific partners. But it's a big, ongoing development challenge, and customers demand a seamless experience, whether interacting on PCs, tablets or smartphones. Yet, there are no standards to lean on.

In this webcast we'll discuss state-of-the-art back-end infrastructure and automation, ways to overcome gaps in transaction processes, and services-based options.

You'll learn:

  • Technical hurdles and design considerations
  • Major challenges and opportunities to improve
  • Examples of companies using best practices to get this right
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