Reducing Software Licensing Costs in Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure with Smarter VM Placements

Reducing Software Licensing Costs in Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure with Smarter VM Placements


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Duration 60min
Andrew Hillier
CTO & Co-founder
Andrew Hillier

Andrew Hillier is CTO and co-founder of CiRBA. In that role, he acts as the visionary for product strategy and CiRBA’s technology roadmap. Andrew has over 20 years of experience in the creation of mission-critical software for the world's largest financial institutions and utilities. He also pioneered a state of the art systems management solution which was acquired by Sun Microsystems and now serves as the foundation of their flagship systems management product, Sun Management Center.
Andrew is a recognized thought leader in the area of virtualization, Cloud and data center management. He is also a dynamic speaker who has presented at numerous industry events including INTEROP, Data Center World, ITWorld Canada, VMworld, Server Blade Summit and Virtualization Conference & Expo, Burton’s Group Catalyst conference and IDG’s Next Generation Data Center conference. In addition, Mr. Hillier’s articles have been published in leading IT and online publications.

Most organizations that license software such as Windows, SQL Server and Oracle on a per processor or per host basis are spending far more than is required on licensing. Because VM placements are typically driven by basic utilization criteria, and not more sophisticated business or technical policies, these software components tend to spread randomly across physical servers, necessitating a large licensing footprint. This creates an opportunity to save in excess of 50% of existing costs, but achieving this requires a fundamental shift in how VM placements are managed within virtual environments. Join CiRBA CTO & co-founder Andrew Hillier to learn how to contain licenses and control costs with predictive analytics that profile workloads to optimize placements by both:

  1. Intelligently combining VMs requiring specific software licenses on common hosts in order to minimize the total licensing requirements
  2. Optimizing overall VM density, including both licensed and unlicensed components, in order to reduce the physical hardware requirements

Andrew will also outline strategies and approaches for:

  • How to factor other policy considerations into workload placement decisions, including service levels, regulatory requirements, DR and HA strategies, in order to achieve greater control, efficiency and lower risk within infrastructure.
  • How to maintain and control licenses and density on an ongoing basis as workloads come and go from virtual and cloud infrastructure.
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