Top 5 Best Practices to Harness the Power of Your Data

Top 5 Best Practices to Harness the Power of Your Data


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Duration 60min
Joanna Schloss
BI/BA/Big Data Evangelist
Joanna Schloss
As a longtime advocate of using data to make better decision, Joanna Schloss has spent the last 15 years in the data warehouse and business intelligence market launching solutions that provide businesses with better insight.  She got her starts as a product manager for a small startup building analytic applications on top of SAP ERP Systems evolving her knowledge with  the experience of managing a real-time business analytics monitoring product line at Oracle.  She found herself working for all the major business intelligence vendors, always pursuing that elusive solution that will transform the way people analyze data into information.  With all this experience, her conviction that businesses can be helped with analytics and warehousing has only grown.
Claude Lorenson
Director of Product Management, SQL Server Marketing Group
Claude Lorenson
Claude Lorenson works in Product Management in the Cloud OS Marketing group at Microsoft.  Lorenson’ function is around the development of the IHVs and OEMs partner eco-system to drive integration of Server and Tools products with new, innovative hardware solutions. Before joining the Enterprise Application Platform team, Lorenson was Director of Storage Evangelism in the Enterprise Storage Division at Microsoft.  Before joining Microsoft, Lorenson was the Director of Product Management and Marketing at Emulex Corporation, a leading provider of storage networking technologies where he was responsible for the integration of the Company‘s storage products into various enterprise solutions including the development and the launch of the InSpeedtm brand.

Companies and organizations of all sizes have asked themselves the same question: How can I maximize my data for better decision making? This burden has blurred departmental lines within an organization and everyone is being challenged to make data driven decisions. But with applications, data, and content stored in different places, formats, and systems, accessing and combining the different data types can be a daunting challenge.

Through measured research, we have found the 5 best practices that can dramatically help your business intelligence efforts and create measurable metrics and actionable reporting. In this session, we will discuss those best practices and cover:

  • The Right Resources Needed to Execute
  • Database Software
  • Data access and integration
  • Data Warehousing and Solutions
  • Reporting

Working together, Dell and Microsoft developed an integrated, turnkey solution that brings the 5 best practices of getting the most out of your data to reality. If you are considering ways to harness the power of your data, then this is a webinar you cannot afford to miss.

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