Interactive Learning & Inclusive technology for all students in K12

Interactive Learning & Inclusive technology for all students in K12


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Duration 60min

The way students learn is fundamentally changing. A flexible, blended classroom model is replacing the one-size-fits-all classroom approach that was confined to set hours and locations. Teachers are using digital technologies such as tablets to engage students in a more personalized learning experience. Students are collaborating across geographical boundaries, and consuming and producing innovative education-related content.

Additionally, assistive technology opens up the world for your district’s students with disabilities, giving them greater independence, a voice for communication and the ability to fully participate in this technology enabled inclusive environment.

But the diverse range of available technologies — such as text-to-speech software, magnifying screens, switches, and tablets powered by Microsoft Windows 8 is complex. Choosing the right ones for your students, and then implementing and supporting them can be challenging for your district’s educators and administrators.

Join us for this engaging webinar with subject matter experts from the Dell Education Team to discuss:

  • How Windows 8 in changing the game for student enablement and engagement of students in the learning environment
  • How Windows 8 is empowering students and teachers in the ability to create and produce content
  • How Windows 8 is simplifying tablet deployments into schools for school technology teams
  • How Dell designed the Latitude 10 tablet to support education deployments
  • How the Latitude 10 with Windows 8 can support students with special needs
  • How Dell provides a single source solution for all your assistive technology needs
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