Provisioning and Monitoring End User Access

Provisioning and Monitoring End User Access


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Duration 60min
Jason Remillard
Sr. Product Manager
Dell Inc.
Jason Remillard
Jason is a senior product manager at Dell Software who is responsible for the Quest One Identity Manager portfolio. As a Product Development Expert with 19 years of experience in pioneering ground breaking technology solutions for Startups & Fortune 500 companies, Remillard is an innovative and resourceful business partner who pairs strategic development, execution and product expertise with a passion for solutions for the marketplace. With a proven track record of leading geographically diverse teams in North and South America, Europe, China and India; Remillard also managed and delivered one of the only major product releases for IBM produced via internal cross-line of business collaboration efforts. Additionally, he is the original author of the LinkedIn Communicator for Blackberry (bb4li -2010), and built and sold one of the markets’ most advanced online security scanning products.

Most enterprises have a structured process for adding new users to their IT systems, but many fail to keep track of end user privileges over time. Does your organization reconsider a user’s access privileges when they change roles inside the organization – or do end users still have access to applications they no longer need? In this informative webcast, industry experts discuss the process of re-evaluating end user access requirements – sometimes called attestation – to be certain that users have all the privileges they need, and none they don’t. Speakers will offer recommendations on how you can monitor user access rights and check them regularly to ensure proper compliance with regulations and reduce the chances of a security breach.

Join this webcast and you learn about:

  • How enabling the line of business managers to be involved and approving access requests (as opposed to IT) ensures proper governance
  • How a change in a user’s role in the organization can radically change the data and applications that they use every day
  • How you can assign and update access privileges quickly and easily by defining roles and tying into enterprise directories

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