Get Smart: Accelerating Workforce Performance with Touch Devices

Get Smart: Accelerating Workforce Performance with Touch Devices


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Duration 60min

Today's workforce is increasingly depending on a range of smart devices, wireless broadband connections, and evolving mobile applications to become more agile and to better collaborate in their jobs. As such, IT professionals need to provide workers with devices that are intuitive, easy to use, and that provide access to core job applications in order to improve employee productivity.

From tablets to touch screen devices to mobile iOS and/or Android devices, the business world is seeing an explosion of technology that’s just a touch away. But building application access solutions for these devices is anything but easy. This webcast will explore the challenges inherent in the new world of touch technology while providing solutions to maximize the effect these devices can have on increasing productivity across the enterprise.

Join this webcast to learn more about:

  • The obstacles that confront IT professionals in integrating touch screen solutions into their enterprises
  • How to provide secure application access to workers using tablets, smart phones and other touch screen mobile devices
  • How to provide the kind of peripherals and support to mobile professionals in the field similar to the PC-like computing experience found in the office
  • Case studies of touch screen usage in field sales and service across a range of vertical industries
  • How a partner like Dell can help you realize the full benefits of touch screen technology for mobile workers to improve performance and increase revenues
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