The Intelligent Approach to an Enterprise-Class Cloud

The Intelligent Approach to an Enterprise-Class Cloud


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Duration 60min
Michael Kadera
Intel Inc.
Michael Kadera
Michael Kadera has over fifteen years experience in Intel as a PMP credentialed program manager and software engineer. Michael has an extensive background in leading innovative technology solutions for IT and Intel Platform Groups. Michael is the Intel IT Program Manager for the OpenCloud Program. In this role Michael leads the Cloud Program in the design and implementation of Intel’s private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Michael lives in Portland with his wife and two children and loves snowboarding and playing soccer.

Michael Elliott
Enterprise Cloud Evangelist
Dell Inc.
Michael Elliott
Michael Elliott is an Enterprise Cloud Evangelist at Dell with over 20 years of enterprise technology experience. In this capacity, he consults with companies throughout North America on their cloud architecture and represents Dell at industry conferences.

Michael started his career as a mainframe programmer for General Electric and held the role of adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Akron. Michael has a mathematics degree from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Pennsylvania State University.

Are you tiring of the pointless debate about which cloud computing strategy makes the most sense – public, private, or hybrid? It's no wonder, because there's no longer an either/or approach: As Michael Dell puts it: "Cloud is not a destination or singular path, but a transformation that places IT squarely at the center of the enterprise as both a leader and enabler of value-creation."

If you're still wondering how to take your company through that transformation, join InformationWeek, Dell, and Intel® for an informational webcast that helps explain the nuances of the shifting cloud computing landscape. You'll learn how all three platform approaches fit in this ever-evolving strategy. As more IT leaders adopt cloud computing, they're starting with Infrastructure as a Service in a private cloud and are following a trajectory that targets a fully federated hybrid cloud. Ultimately, these enterprises add public cloud providers for Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service.

During this webcast Dell will share its blueprint for providing the business value of cloud adoption, as well as some useful implementation scenarios and technical implications of cloud and the impact on the enterprise. Intel® will provide some practical experience, strategies, and advice they've learned by working within the building blocks of the evolving cloud environment.

Among the topics you'll discuss:

  • Why the right strategy for your cloud computing approach involves a combination of virtualization, public/private/hybrid cloud, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and other options—and how to choose and integrate the right ones.
  • The role of open standards in preserving the ROI of your existing technology and in building a foundation for the future.
  • What it takes to reduce IT costs in a cloud environment while at the same time improving time-to-value and organizational agility
  • The best approaches for securing your cloud platform in a way that pleases the skittish business folks.
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