Agile Development: Three Pillars of Success

Agile Development: Three Pillars of Success


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Jean-Louis Marechaux
Software Engineer
IBM Rational Canada
Jean-Louis Marechaux
Jean-Louis Marechaux is a Software Engineer for Rational at the IBM Canada Lab and has 15+ years of experience with software development. In his technical leadership role, he focuses on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Before joining the Rational group, Jean-Louis worked as a Solution Architect for IBM Global Business Services and other IT organizations. He has been involved in architecture, design, development, and methodologies. His main areas of interest are software architecture, ALM, Java technologies, and agile software development practices. Follow Jean-Louis on his blog: Pragmatic Architecture (
Vishy Ramaswamy
Senior Technical Staff Member, Collaborative Design Management
IBM Rational
Vishy Ramaswamy
Vishy Ramaswamy is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Collaborative Design Management development group in IBM Rational. Vishy is the Design Management Server Architect and in this capacity he is responsible for defining and managing the overall architecture of the Rational Collaborative Design Management's services and capabilities for Rational Software Architect and Rational Rhapsody. Prior to his current assignment Vishy was the Chief Architect for Rational Requirements Composer. Vishy's career at Rational/IBM spans 12 years during which time Vishy has worked in a technical leadership role on products in modeling and requirements space. Vishy worked in projects related to the telecom, wireless, health care, federal govt, and defense industries before joining IBM in 2000.

At the heart of a successful agile development team is a skilled group of developers. Agile software professionals continuously deliver on their objectives, but they need robust development tools and practices to maximize their productivity.
Attend this webcast to find out three pillars of success for Agile development success:

  • Resilient architecture
  • Collaborative dev tools
  • Automated processes

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