How business continuity consulting can help you modernize your current DR plan

How business continuity consulting can help you modernize your current DR plan


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Duration 60min
Troy Jassey
Business Continuity and Recovery Consultant
Troy Jassey
Troy Jassey is based in Fort Worth, TX and has been in IBM's BCRS business in various roles since joining IBM in 2004; he currently serves as a west region consulting services solution leader. He has an MBA in Finance, and an MS in Computer Science which hatched his passion for business resilience as a key intersection point between IT capabilities and business service needs. Prior to his current role, Troy spent 8 years doing resiliency based consulting covering the full spectrum of BCRS consulting offerings and has experience in almost every industry and size of client.

Disaster recovery is one of many facets that should be included in any business continuity plan, and risks have never been more complex or potentially crushing to the bottom line of a company. Now might be the right time to consider business continuity consulting.

A consulting engagement can provide strategies that will propel your business forward by taking advantage of outside knowledge and expertise, optimizing internal resources, and allowing you to focus on strategic technology decisions and planning.

Join this webcast to hear Troy Jassey, IBM Business Continuity & Recovery Consultant, as he discusses:

  • What consulting can do for you that will yield benefits your management team will care about
  • How consulting can give you the case to bring forward to justify and increase your budget
  • Why you need to take advantage of the cloud to help you improve your disaster recovery strategy—including content management, archiving, back up and virtualization

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